Ile-Oluji Kingdom and most of her neighbours in the very early times were situated in a forest known as "Igbo Ijamo" In Yoruba language or " Ugbo Ujamo " in Ile-Oluji dialect or "The-forest-known-to-Ija in English Language. Ile-Oluji herself was then called " Ekun Ijamo " (The-town-known-to-Ija") or "Ekun" for short. Igbo Ijamo stretches from Ipole (In Osun State) to ofosu the boundary of Ondo and Edo State, up to Ikoya in Ikale land and Ajebamidele at the boundary of Ogun State.

In the olden days, Igbo Ijamo was a wild and uncultivated land, situated in the tropical evergreen forest with tall trees and thick undergrowth full of wild beasts and spirits, it was not until the twin children of Oduduwa and their entourage came to settle there that some form of civilization was introduced to the people originally living there. The main town in the area was Ekun with surrounding villages like Ojowo, Upoti, Okua and others. The name Ekun was later change to Ile-Oluji by the people themselves, due to circumstances.

Ile-Oluji now in Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo Local Government Council of Ondo State of Nigeria lies between longtitudes 40 45'' 30'' and 050 01'' 100'' and latitudes 070 25' 00'' and 070 10' 100'' covering an approximate area of 800(Eight hundred) square kilometer1.The 1963 census put the population figure of Ile-Oluji as slightly over (21,000) twenty one thousand. During the 1991 Registration of voters over (41,000) forty one thousand people registered and had voters cards. While over (36,000) thirty six thousand people registered, but did not have voters cards because the voters cards were insufficient. This made it a total of over (77,000) seventy seven thousand people that were qualified to vote, that is, over 18 years old. The 1991 census, conducted between November 27th and 28th returned one hundred and twenty three thousand, three hundred and ninety seven (123,397)- approximately one hundred and twenty-four thousand (124,000) as the population of Local Government Council, Read more

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